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>ATTN: Long-distance A.T. Hikers
>The Center for Appalachian Trail Studies, together with the Concerned
>Citizens to Save Belview Mountain, has been leading the fight to stop the
>operation and further development of the Putnam Mine gravel quarry on
>Belview Mountain in Avery County, North Carolina. This gravel quarry and
>rock-crushing operation has the potential to permanently damage the hiking
>experience for users of the Appalachian Trail section across Hump Mountains
>and the Roan Highlands.
>Earlier this year, we had our first letter-writing campaign on this
>important issue, during which more than 4,500 letters were sent to the NC
>Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the agency that
>issues mining permits, and other state officials, including the NC Attorney
>General, asking for the revocation of the mining permit. In April, as a
>result of this effort, DENR announced its intent to revoke the Putnam Mine
>permit, which was issued without taking into account the proximity of the
>Appalachian Trail.
>For the past five months, the quarry owner has been trying to come up with
>a mitigation plan that would allow his permit to be modified instead of
>being revoked (all the while continuing to develop the quarry as usual).
>His mitigation plan has been submitted to DENR and that agency is holding a
>public comment period this week only to hear the views of the hiking public
>about the mitigation plan put forth by the mine owner.
>We are again making it possible for you to share your comments with DENR
>(and the NC Attorney General's legal staff as well) via e-mail, and have
>them entered into the official public comment record. We have provided a
>pre-formatted on-line survey that will allow you to quickly voice you
>opposition to the mitigation measures being considered by DENR, and do so
>in the most effective way possible, by opposing all mitigation measures one
>by one. If enough of us do so, we may be able to convince DENR to revoke
>the Putnam Mine permit once and for all.
>We need every A.T. supporter to join with us to stop the Putnam Mine. I am
>sure we can count on you to act today, since time is short (we have only
>seven days to send in our comments) and this issue of Trail protection is
>so critical. I thank you in advance for your help, and urge you to tell
>others about this effort to save a priceless section of the Appalachian
>Trail and its surrounding lands from being ruined forever by a gravel
>quarry and rock-crushing operation.
>We just can't let that happen, can we?
>Your participation is critical and will take only a few minutes of your
>time, and I'm sure you will feel that the protection of the A.T. and the
>whole Roan Highlands area is worth that investment. To participate, see ...
>Dan "Wingfoot" Bruce.
>Center for Appalachian Trail Studies ~ P. O. Box 525
>Hot Springs, NC 28743 ~ 828-622-7601 (10AM-midnight)
>Visit Trailplace, our website: http://trailplace.com

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