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Re: [CDT-L] Spam

The spamming is not so bad that changes need to be made... IMHO...

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, WY

Earl Needham wrote:

> At 10:21 PM 6/29/00 -0600, Earl Needham blasted the following out into the
> ether:
> <snip>
> >      You see, although I am listed as the "moderator" or "list-owner", I
> > have never been given ANY control over the list.  I don't have a server
> > the list runs on, Milt allows us space on his.  I have no passwords or
> > control sequences.  If something needs to be changed or fixed, I have to
> > email two other folks and hope they're responsive to our needs.
>       In view of the above, I've had a suggestion to consider -- should we
> try to migrate the list over to Egroups?  It would entail a bit of change
> in the addressing of the list, and emails would contain the Egroups ads at
> the bottom.
>       It's up to the group, but if we were to move, we could probably stop
> the spamming in short order.
>       Earl
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