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[CDT-L] Home Business Opporunist - Opt-Out

Dear home business opportunist,

We have received your name as someone that may be interested in 
receiving special opportunity offers related to small or home 
based businesses via the Internet.  These offers range from 
business opportunities, free computer and Internet related offers 
to special discounts and promotions from high quality merchants.

If you want your name removed from this list please click on 
reply and type in the word 'remove' in the subject heading. We 
will take your name off our mailing list.


Contact Marketing

This message is being sent to you in compliance with the proposed 
Federal legislation for commercial e-mail (S.1618 - SECTION 301). 
Pursuant to Section 301, Paragraph  (a)(2)(c) of S. 1618, further 
transmission to you by sender of this e-mail may be stopped at no 
cost to you by submitting a request to 
or by clicking 

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