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[CDT-L] AT. PCT. CDT backcountry lists] thru-hikes on GORP.com

Just a note to say that Jen Whitcomb (AT alum) has hit the PCT on GORP.com. 
You can always find our thru-hikers by going to www.GORP.com and clicking on 
"hiking." So far, we've got Jen, Angela, and Duffy on the PCT (Angela and 
Duffy stepped on their Pocketmail, so they're a little behind in their 
posts...). And Sarah, Adrianne, Darryl, and Simon are on the CDT. The CDT 
posts have become a lot of fun. These guys all have primo thru-hiker 
attitudes and are getting their share of trail magic. Having done the CDT 
myself, I'm getting a kick out hearing about their very similar experiences 
-- I even recognized the picnic table in the Gila (okay, so there's like one 
campground with trees near the New Mexico CDT).  

On May 24 or thereabouts, Nimblewill Nomad is starting his mammoth 4400 mile 
trek down the eastern seaboard from Cap Gaspe, Canada, to Key West. We'll be 
following him, too, and I'll let you all know when his GORP site goes live. 
Nina, fellow lsiter on the AT-list, will be posting at GORP too when she 
starts in June. 

You can ask these hikers questions through GORP (there's a hyperlink to click 
on, and we forward the e-mails to the hikers' pocket-mails and they respond 
on the GORP forums -- if, that is, they haven't stepped on their 
Pocketmails). We're also posting their gear lists.

Have fun at Trail Daze, everyone -- I'm stuck behind my computer this weekend.

Karen Berger

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