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[CDT-L] Re: [SpiritEagle]Greetings from Agua Dulce

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time.  Thanks for your trail reports.
Yes, I emphatically agree that the So.CA PCT route is SERPENTINE!!!  Brings
up some thoughts I keep having:

Maybe a set of "alternate routes" should be developed for the So. CA PCT,
similar to Jim Wolf's CDT Guides and David Patterson's "Alternate Routes for
the CDT".  Alternates would probably involve roads and less-maintained
trails, therefore limiting them to hikers.  The So. CA PCT was developed
with horses in mind which is great for horses.  I have no issue with that;
only that more hiker-appropriate routes could be followed.  After all,
greater than 95% of the thru-travellers on the PCT do it by foot.
Personally, I have found the lack of one firmly established route (and the
possibile "trail tyranny" associated with the single-route mentality) a
really refreshing part of hiking the Continental Divide Trail.
.............A good winter project.

Anybody else out there feel the same way?

Bill Gurwell

 >From: "Jim and/or Ginny Owen" <spiriteagle99@hotmail.com>
 >To: , spiriteagle@circumtech.com
 >Subject: [SpiritEagle]Greetings from Agua Dulce
 >Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 19:57:29 GMT
 >It's been an interesting week on the PCT - from climbing over snowcovered
 >Baden Powell in a total whiteout, to desert heat here in Agua Dulce.  We
 >were freezing in the high country, roasting down at the Santa Clara River.
 >We even got snowed on - about half an inch at Little Jimmy Campground, and
 >again the next day as we were walking.  The country is beautiful, but the
 >trail continues to be incredibly aggravating in its serpentine nature.  A
 >couple of relos didn't help, when we realized that the new trail was at
 >least a mile or two longer than the old one. I'll admit I like the cool of
 >the high country best, but the desert flowers continue to be a delight.
 >Lack of wildlife is still a disappointment, though we did have a kit fox
 >pose for us on the trail.  The Sauffley's are everything we were told -
 >absolutely terrific trail angels.  This place is incredible.  We've been
 >hiking off and on with the same dozen or so hikers since Big Bear.  All are
 >amassed here at Agua Dulce.  Seems that once settled in, this can be a very
 >hard place to leave. Most of those who have lasted this far are former AT
 >hikers - seems like half the class of '98 is out on the trail.  We are
 >well aside from a few foot problems (can't wait for the new boots to be
 >to Jim in Mojave!)
 >Walk softly,
 >Ginny & Jim

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