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[CDT-L] [cdt-l] bugs

Since you asked -- re the bugs: 

I've found that you can't really generalize about this -- Bad bugs depend on 
type of year, vary from day to day, and even time of day. For example, Dan 
and I didn't have bad mosquitoes in the High Sierra on our PCT hike, but we 
did in northern Yosemite. I woudn't have taken a tarp there in a million 

We went northbound on the Divide -- so anything I have to say is really only 
true for a northbound hike.  

We slept out throughout most of NM without a tarp OR a tent. Got snowed on 
once. Then we got a tent. (This was northbound) Northern NM got a little 
buggy, and we gratefully crawled in the tent. 

Oh -- but for southbounders -- we did return to Montana the next year, in 
July. Mosquitoes were bad in places -- flies, too. Glad to have the tent. 
Don't remember them being bad in Colorado -- but I'm sure that's a function 
of time of year. 

Don't remember no-see-ums being bad on the CDT, either. 

But I'm a bug wimp -- I like a tent. I figure that once you add a 
groundcloth, a tarp, and a mosquito net you're getting pretty close to a 
lightweight tent.  

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