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Re: [CDT-L] A little confused.


I disagree with your comments regarding water sources on the BLM maps. They 
(windmills) are generally well depicted and reliable unless, like you 
stated, they've been dismantled. Also, you may encounter a dead animal or 
two floating on the surface of some of the water tanks. However, I think 
that's rare (it happened to me once).

Good to hear Pat is willing to shuttle folks to Antelope Wells. I think his 
trip to drop us off south of the Big Hatchets was his first and last. I 
agree there are access issues there, but last I heard the BLM was going to 
upgrade that road.

A good source of info for S. NM is Joseph Gendron. He's helped several 
thru-hikers with routes including myself. Also he's a big advocate and 
enthusiast for the CDT.

I don't think the Big Hatchet route is the current "official" route. Last I 
heard BLM recommends hiking from Antelope Wells north. Unfortunately the 
Animas Range (the actual Divide) is privately owned and travel is not 

I've discussed the route options with Jim Wolf and his advice is sound and 
reasonable for the Palomas route. Though I was somewhat critical of that 
option, Pancho Villa Park (near the border) is really beautiful, especially 
all the derert cacti, flowering plants, and birds. It's definitely a toss 
up, one route has better access and the other is closer to the Divide.
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