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Re: [CDT-L] A little confused.

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000 18:02:23 PST "David Patterson" <wr_ddp@hotmail.com>
> Jim,
> I disagree with your comments regarding water sources on the BLM 
> maps. They  (windmills) are generally well depicted and reliable
unless, like 
> you stated, they've been dismantled. Also, you may encounter a dead 
> animal or two floating on the surface of some of the water tanks.
However, I 
> think that's rare (it happened to me once).

Dave - 
We found a lot of water that isn't shown on the BLM maps.  And we didn't
find a lot of the non-existent wells that ARE shown on the BLM maps. 
Oops - let's include the USFS maps in that scenario.  We had a couple or
three dead animals in the water sources, too.  

> Good to hear Pat is willing to shuttle folks to Antelope Wells. I 
> think his trip to drop us off south of the Big Hatchets was his first
> last. I agree there are access issues there, but last I heard the BLM
> going to upgrade that road.

Upgrading the road will likely happen only if the Border Patrol wants it
to happen.  But that's not the only issue - Karen Berger once mentioned
that depending on a single individual for water (Jack Fair) through one
section of the PCT was a precarious situation.  And she's right.  And
it's just as precarious to depend on Pat  for transportation to the
southern terminus of the CDT.  He's not only a single individual, but
he's also been trying to sell his business (although he doesn't seem to
be in a hurry about it).  From a long term point of view that's not an
acceptable access situation for a major trail.  

> I've discussed the route options with Jim Wolf and his advice is sound
> reasonable for the Palomas route. Though I was somewhat critical of 
> that option, Pancho Villa Park (near the border) is really beautiful, 
> especially all the derert cacti, flowering plants, and birds. It's
definitely a 
> toss up, one route has better access and the other is closer to the 
> Divide.

To a large degree we followed Jim's route - there are some problems, but
we spent more time in mountains and less time doing flatland desert
walking.  And we didn't have that last 45 mile road walk into Antelope

OTOH - next time we may try Antelope Wells. 

Walk softly,
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