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Re: [CDT-L] Restricted Access in CO Nat'l Forests

Currently the White River National Forest is revising its management plan. 
It's so controversial now that there are over 7 proposed plans. One of these 
plans, dubbed I think "the common man's alternative" is supported by some 
politician in Denver. It advocates high impact use (ATV's, snowmobiles, 
etc.) of the forest as well as allows for additional ski area expansion and 
arial tramways to link distant resorts.

Another plan calls for the abandonment of 15-20 miles of roads per year in 
the NF. Also, it will expand the existing wilderness areas and could create 
at least one new congressionally designated Wilderness Area near Redstone, 

I've participated in the community outreach meetings hosted by the FS in 
Redstone. It's extremely important if you have any interest in the future of 
the White River NF to send your support in writing. All letters become part 
of the record and official documentation used in the determination of the 
management plan.
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