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[CDT-L] one trail or routes

The impact and ramifications inherent in a "single continuous trail" are 
something we should consider here. Take the AT for example, everyone is 
corraled along one, often times narrow, footpath. Not that it's a bad thing, 
but is the current AT what Mackeye envisioned? Probably not. Though what I'm 
getting at is impact. I hear the outdoor magazines have predicted between 
10-15,000 hikers will start the AT this year. Since there's only one 
southern terminus and one trail or route Georgia undeniably will incur the 
wrath of thousands, not to mention all those bloody Army Rangers tromping 
through the woods.

Though it's not likely the CDT or PCT will suffer this abuse because of the 
extremes, there are other factors to consider regarding a set route. Disease 
is something that comes to mind. What about all the rats, mice, ticks, and 
other disease carrying vermin that inhabit the shelters and established 
campsites along the trail? What about all the murders on the AT, most in or 
near shelters?

Something to consider regarding the future of the CDT...

Like Jim pointed out, distance hikers are the majority when it comes to 
complete use of the CDT and our voices could determine the future of the 

What do we want???
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