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Re: [CDT-L] Malpais routes

Please give details of this route, David.

David Patterson wrote:

> There is a great well-watered route on the west side of the Malpais which
> avoids 117 and the "official CDT" that traverses numerous cindercones in an
> extremely waterless area. The route comes out near the ice caves and works
> it's way into the Cibola NF passing near Oso Ridge LO (on the CDT) and then
> cuts east through Zuni Canyon towards Grants. From what I can tell this
> route has the least amount of paved road walking, just the last 4 miles into
> grants out of Zuni Canyon.
> I believe walking on paved roads day after day destroys the spirit of a
> person. Walk softly and in wilderness whenever possible.
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