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[at-l] weird pack

has anyone ever heard of this pack.... is it any good? how do the straps
connect at the shoulders it is real close and tight up there.  i hate when
packs pinch my neck.. the single most worst thing a pack can do.

Jansport Nisqually
Item Number: 99620

for 59.97 you figure there is a catch

3000 cu and 2lbs 15oz.


i am half looking for a smaller pack for summer as i found i could not
compress mine small enough after i ate some of the food out of it.  leaving
stuff to wobble about and i even had my foam pad INSIDE the pack.

half the size of mine seems like a good size.  so 3000-3500(50liters) would
be a good guess... my old one still seems to fill up in the winter still...
weird stuff  it doe snto seem liek so much more stuff...    maybe i am
bringing to much clothing. i want to go into a store and pack it all in
there first though jsut to see.


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