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[at-l] another simpiler running question?

>And you are right not to walk/run on the concrete.  Asphalt is
>okay if you have good shoes.

i keep hearing this thing about good shoes and shoes wearing out i am the
king as wearing shoes way to long my last pair of shoes i have had for so
long i do not remember buying them .. like maybe even something insane like
9 years now( when i think my memory fuzzes).... i walk around bare foot all
the time all year even in the winter(mostly inside and around my lawn it is
unacceptable publicly in my area)... i many times walk down my drive way in
snow to get my mail about 50-70 feet and am to lazy to put shoes on and i
think i only hurt my feet once in the cold(snow feels like sand until it
melts on you).  i can honestly not imagine not wearing shoes in the grass
would be that bad for you feet... yes i understand on pavement or gravel or
packed dirt or glass or even snow but soft meadowy grass?  i would think it
would let you foot muscles and bones pivet,strecth, and bend in a bettter
more natural way actually..you figure thosands of millions years of
evolution(if you beilive in evolution that is) would be better than 100
years of shoe making?    i always considered shoes something hard on the
bottom of your feet so you dont need to have 4 inch thick calluses and
somethign warms and stiff to protect you in the cold ond on really ruff
terrain.   traction on shoes are a joke... nothign beats gripping the ground
with your toes.  all in all i have tried not wearing shoes for long periods
of time (like a month not in the winter) it has been great until i have had
to wear shoes and the calluses that built up start spliting and falling

any interesting stories to prove me wrong? cause i am not saying i am right
i am just saying i always thougt about it this way.


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