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Re: [at-l] life/inspiration

Wow Pat,

what a great story!  It's wonderful to see people that haven't given up on
living. I hope, as you say that I am that way when I get there. Don't know
about the teacher being alive though. I think that in that era teachers
weren't much older than the pupils. Thanks for the story!


Pat Villeneuve wrote:

> Here's another one of those family stories that we post from time to
> time...
> I got a call from my mother today. She was so exhilarated she sounded
> like a 20-year-old. She had been to a reunion for the country school she
> attended years ago. In addition to seeing many old friends, she had her
> picture taken with her favorite teacher. (She confided that she had been
> her pet.) Oh yeah, my mother is 80 years old and had a bad accident over
> the winter. She's thrilled to be back at it, but I can't believe she met
> her teacher!!!!!
> May we all be that spry when we get there-
> Give Me Chocolate
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