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Re: [at-l] Love it or leave it

> > Unfortunately, Mr. Breen's property rights are going to be
> > violated whether I hike the trail or not. The violation shall
> > be conducted using my tax money whether I like it or not. If
> > not hiking the trail would have any effect in the matter, I'd
> > stop hiking it.
> Here's an idea: why don't you publicize that you're thru hiking because you
> think Mr. Breen's rights are being violated. That's right: you're thru,
> finished, quit hiking. Do it for six months and 2,200 miles, standing in
> one place. Use a pedometer to count the five million steps. 

Yeah. Maybe I'll do a winter through-hike. :)

Is there a special patch rocker for that?

If I hike on a few blue-blazed trails, would I still be considered
an official through-hiker?

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