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[at-l] Hangover Run

     I plan on attending The Gathering in Hangover, NH this year, and 
     intend on working in at least one _if_not_two_ trail runs/hikes in 
     either Vermont (Long Trail in Pico Peak area is quite convenient) or 
     in New Hampshire (perhaps Kinsman Range, which had about 50' of 
     visibility the day I did it). Perhaps even Carter/Moriah (20 miles? if 
     I found somebody silly enough to drive to a trailhead that far from 
     Anybody interested? Deeeeeee? (Oh, noooo. Poor Dee's not going. She 
     only managed to work in three or four trips to Granite Land this year, 
     so no Gathering for her.....)
     Should I post some sort of details? I really haven't decided on much, 
     place-wise, pace-wise, but am trying to remain flexible. I'm thinking 
     of trading car-swapping/shuttling duties.......
     Let me know of interest.
     (who, although it's only seven weeks away, fancies that he'll be in 
     "marathon" shape by that time. This, folks, is how we breed injuries.)
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