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[at-l] Re: No Flame

     I want to thank the lister who corrected the generalization I made 
     below. When bulk public lands are being created from private holdings, 
     remainders are known as "inholdings." These inholdings may or may not 
     be absorbed via eminent domain, depending on the location or even the 
     disposition of the forest supervisor. In any event, there is not a 
     uniform administration of inholdings policy, in any of the 50 states, 
     for state or federal lands, whether AT or not. 

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Subject: No Flame
Author:  Oh, just somebody from the list.
Date:    8/15/99 7:14 PM

You might want to reword the statement, "Nobody lost their home to build the 
AT; it was routed *by* volunteers on land *volunteered* for the route."
The AT was routed on "public land" wherever it could be, and as such through 
land taken by eminent domain; not for the AT as such, but rather for other 
public purposes.
I do volunteer work for USFS, USPS, & USF&W.  In all cases, I know of family 
home sites, cemeteries, etc. on recreational land, including some within 
spitting distance of the AT.
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