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[at-l] Thruhiker sightings

Spent the past week with STITCHES (a/k/a/ Mara), PADDLER, SINGLEMALT,  & 

Hiked Moosilauke with STITCHES, last Friday (flip-flopped it N->S) -- enjoyed 
the brisk breeze created by PADDLER as he flew by us at at least 7 mph.  Had 
dinner with STITCHES and PADDLER Saturday night in N.Woodstock -- man can 
those two eat!!!!  Both are in great spirits and looking forward to getting 
to Maine. 

Brought STITCHES, SINGLEMALT, and GENTLEMAN JIM back to the house Monday 
night for showers, laundry and chow (again, boy can they eat!!!)  Dropped 
them off at the NH 302 crossing yesterday morning.  They'll be at the Barn in 
Gorham tonight (Wed) and Thurs.  STITCHES is taking the weekend off and 
heading to Boston for an engagement party, the others will move on without 

I'll be meeting STITCHES next week in the Mahoosics so if anyone wants to 
send her a message, I'll print it out and bring it.  Send it to me at this 
email by Tuesday.  

:) Pooh
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