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Re[3]: [at-l] cleaning fuel bottles

Sorry Sloetoe, I'm with OB on this...addled is bad karma.  I bet he'd end 
up hiking
the wrong way from the shelter (my recurring nightmare).  If we are going 
how about Tranny Trouble?    ~τΏτ~ k.
     Sloetoe responds with:
     OK! OK! Alright, already! Jeeeez!
     But "Tranny Trouble"????? Puh-Lease!
     David is obviously born of the same blood as Bart Simpson, so my first 
     alternative to the admittedly provisional "Addled" might be "Trail 
     Bart." Hey, I'm not a genius on this names thing.....but we do have an 
     entire email list to tap....

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