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Re[2]: [at-l] cleaning fuel bottles

I would like to gently protest. I agree that David needs a trail name. I 
agree that he (as many of us) appear confused when dealing with the 
technology and surprises of our sport. The UV thread was such an event!

However, a name is very important. It is very easy to use and miss-use a 
name with good intentions, but with damaging effects. I do not know if 
David objects to "Addled", or if this has ever been applied to him. I doubt 
he would vocally object if he did. He is a class act. I know a bit of what 
I speak, as a weird name like Thorneloe created quite a few 
"enhancements"  in the time I have worn the name.

So, the ball is in your court, counselor. If you like the trailname 
(cyber-trail?), keep it. If not, we can keep working on it. Burnt OverDrive 
might work, for instance!

Atlanta, GA

At 07:54 PM 8/17/1999 -0500, Thomas McGinnis wrote:
>So anyway, Mr. A, if I *were* to be so presumptuous as to propose a
>      trail name for you, even if just for the limited purposes of at-l use,
>      that name would be "Addled," as in "To confuse or muddle; to become
>      rotten; to become confused; confused; rotten;" as it seems to draw
>      into my mind the picture of some schoolmarm somewhere pointing a
>      steely finger at you, eyebrow raised in indignance, intoning "MISS-ter
>      AddleTON!!" at some point in your background. "Are you ADDLED, Mr.
>      Addleton?" I can hear her asking right now.....

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