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Re: [at-l] Suggestions for Reading???

     I would highly encourage you to contact Northland College (tour the 
     site at northland.edu). The letterhead notes it is "An environmentally 
     oriented liberal arts college" and boy-sure-howdy how it is. Northland 
     has multiple classses with different aims in the whole of the 
     "environmentalism" spectrum, from hard science to literature studies 
     of differing levels and perspectives. Lots of syllabi. It's the 
     perfect ticket. 
     As a single shot suggestion, I would throw the name Sigurd Olsen to 
     you. He was a founder of The Wilderness Society, a consistent and 
     eloquent voice in the movement to establish the Boundary Waters and 
     Quetico, and is one of Northland's prime claims to fame. Check out the 
     essay "A farewell to Saganaga" -- it'll put pause in your day.
     Contact me off list FMI.
     Sloetoe AT'79
     Northland '83

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Subject: [at-l] Suggestions for Reading???
Author:  "Lynn Setzer" <hikester@mindspring.com> at ima
Date:    8/14/99 5:27 PM

The John Muir quote has prompted this question.
First, the background:  I'm seriously considering pulling together and 
proposing a special topics course in "Essays on American Environmentalism." 
Just off the cuff, I'd put the following on the reading list.
**Wallace Stegner, Beyond the Hundredth Meridian
** Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire
** H. D. Thoreau, Walden
I'd like to include something from John Muir, but don't know where to start.
Anybody have any ideas about who/what would be excellent choices for such a 
class?  I'm looking for non-fiction commentaries, writings that have 
prompted serious environmental responses.  Plus, I don't want the list to 
have a Western-exclusive point of view.
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