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Re: [at-l] Suggestions for Reading???

>Anybody have any ideas about who/what would be excellent choices for such a
>class?  I'm looking for non-fiction commentaries, writings that have
>prompted serious environmental responses.

I'd suggest you include Aldo Leopold's _A Sand County Almanac_ Enlarged
Edition [i.e., post 1966].

Maybe Marybeth Lorbiecki's _Aldo Leopold: A Fierce Green Fire_ [Leopold's
biography], should be included to help put Leopold's and writings into the
context of his remarkable intellectual growth and ethical journey.

If you want poignant individual short Leopold readings, try his essays
"Odyssey", current found in the "Wisconsin" section and "Thinking Like a
Mountain" in the "Arizona and New Mexico" section of "Part II: The Quality
of Landscape" in the Enlarged Edition.  For heavier going, go right to the
end of the volume and the "Conservation Esthetic."

As for Muir, you might want to check out
www.sierraclub.com/john_muir_exhibit/ or www.cs.strath.ac.uk/contrib/JMC/
or www0.delphi.com/johnmuir/.

My choice for a Muir book would have to be _My First Summer in the Sierra_.


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