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Re: [at-l] white mountain photos...

Hey Pittsburg!

Wow, there are some great shots there!  It looks like you really had a
great time.  Many of those photos got me very nostalgic for my hike last
year and made me smile a lot!  Now I can't wait to get out there again.
Thanks for sharing them with us.  Since I've hiked in the Whites a lot for
years, I knew *exactly* where some of those shots were taken... it was a
little scary :-)  I particularly remember standing there and looking at
that ladder on Goose Eye saying "you've got to be kidding!  Who put that

I'll be going to Hanover NH this Sunday to visit with Baltimore Jack and
(from what I hear) about 35 other thruhikers!  I'll send a list of who I
see when I return.  Jack is having his 'annual lasagne-fest' again tomorrow
night.  Unfortunately I'll miss it because I have a family get-together
tomorrow, but I'll be there Sunday.  Maybe I could just take my pack and
hike out with them....


GA>ME '98

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