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[at-l] Volunteers and Duplicates (Admin)

Two things today, then back to your regularly scheduled program...

1) Volunteers

Wisperlite, Sandy, POG, Graham Mehl, Saunterer, DaRedhead, Ken Knight
and Sandpiper have all volunteered their services to help with the
website.  Wow!  Thanks for the great response...  I'm going to wait
until tomm. to send out the first email to everyone, so please don't
think I'm ungrateful for the offers; just trying to finish up the work

2) Duplicates

The duplicate messages were caused by both the "edina.hack.net" (the
actual host managing the backcountry.net services) and the
"backcountry.net" email address getting into a reply-to: or cc: list.
The result was two distinct messages being delivered to majordomo for
each reply in the thread.   I've changed the default reply-to: address
on the digest, which may help- but please be aware that edina.hack.net
is really the same as backcountry.net, so no need to cc: them both.



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