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[at-l] Re: Hiking Poles/Sticks

Hi Lynn,

On my *second* backpacking trip, I used a single pole.  A wooden
broom-handle, as a matter of fact, and LOVED it.  I couldn't understand
why anyone would spend upward of $100 on a pair of hiking sticks, until
I actually tried them.  Walasi-Yi at Neels Gap rents them out, and for
$15 bucks ($5/day) my mind was changed.  I bought a pair of the high-end
Leki poles (positive-angle, Cor-Tec, the whole deal) as soon as my hike
was over.  Now I don't even do day-hikes without them, although that
might be because I spent all that money on them!  

I'd suggest trying two poles (broomsticks, ski poles, whatever) and see
how you like that.  You'll be amazed at how much easier hills are, both
up and down.

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