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Re: [at-l] Hiking Poles/Sticks

At 12:06 PM 8/8/1999 -0400, Lynn Setzer wrote:
>** are two poles *really* better than one?

I think so, but many other more successful hikers will disagree. The 
strength of you quads will have a lot to do with knee pain. The sticks 
primarily aid speed and balance.

>** is a regular, ole, wooden stick not as good as a hi-tech hiking pole?

Again, I like the 2 pole system with handles and straps, which to not have 
to be carried. The straps are leaned on, and tossed ahead as you walk. The 
can also double duty for tent/tarp supports.

>** is there anything to think about concerning the difference in handles?
>Wrist straps?  Other features?

Comfort and wear in the straps is the selling factor. I personally haven't 
seen a reason for $10 extra for cork handles.

>Seems that I recall someone on the list swearing by a bamboo hiking stick.

No reason they aren't someone's favorite. This is a matter of custom and 

Atlanta, GA
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