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Re: [at-l] Central Virginia Info Needed

Hi Gang,

	Just got back from hiking James River /501 to Apple Orchard and back.
The Springs at Thunder Hill Shelter are bone Dry. Happily there is
plenty of water near by.
1/4 mile South of Thunder Hill Shelter the AT crosses the Blue Ridge
Parkway. If you head South (uphill) on the Parkway for 1/4 mile you will
come to a road crossing. The gated hard surface road on the right leads
up to the FAA Radar Dome. The gated dirt road on the left (east) lead
50' to a spring on the Left. There is no sign at this spring, there is a
small pile of rocks on the left side of the road, step in the weeds
behind the rocks and you will see the large 6' high cement walls that
enclose the spring. I guess the Military made this Spring "Bomb Proof"
back when this area was "Bedford Air Force Base" a D.E.W. station before
becoming an FAA site.
	Harrison Spring and Marble Spring where in good shape, Big Cove Branch
is getting pretty weak, Matts Creek has plenty.


Dan Kohn wrote:
> Thanks for the info on shuttles and Water (Especially to Charles....I didn't
> expect such a detailed report! Thanks for the 1st hand scouting report!)
> I will try to give a report upon my return!
> Thanks again
> Dan "High Tech" Kohn
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