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Re: [at-l] Scouting and Growing Spirit in a Young Boy--Need a White Blaze

I'm not sure what your moving to Virginia has to do with it but y'all come 
if you want to -- it's where I am and I like it alot!  There's a lot of 
trail in ole Virginny ...

But you asked about scouting:  I couldn't wait to follow my sister into 
Brownie Scouts so I guess I was a scouting fan from about age 4.  From 8 to 
13 the entire year focused on Girl Scout Camp which, as I grew up in the SW 
Chicago suburbs was in a forest inland a bit from the eastern shore of Lake 
Michigan.  I finished up at age 16 as a Mariner Scout, sailing and canoeing 
and camping.  My childhood summers also included a week at Girl Scout Day 
Camp in the Chicago Forest Preserves.  Ma was a born naturalist.  Pa adored 
camping.  Our vacations were camping trips to Indiana State Parks, where we 
tramped through the woods and caves.

My sons couldn't be hauled beyond Cub Scouting.  But they didn't have to 
study for Earth Science tests, either.  I didn't take them camping, nor even 
picnicing much, yet they're "green" through and through and think my hike's 
the best thing any of us have ever done.

If your grandson wants scouting, go ahead and follow him.  You're going to 
have more fun than he does, tho, no matter how much fun he has!  Truly, one 
of my objectives in attempting a thruhike was to set a mark my 
granddaughter'd have to reach for.  She's gotten too big for the backpack 
her mom used to use to take her on day hikes in California.  Her first 
birthday present from me was a full set of REI fleece -- which she adored!   

Go Grandma!

>From: HikingHope@aol.com
>To: at-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: [at-l] Scouting and Growing Spirit in a Young Boy--Need a White 
>Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 13:20:13 EDT
>This is a day of great confusion for me.  I do not know which path to 
>and I feel that I need to direct my energy (still having some left) where 
>can serve best.
>My grandson is 9 years old and will be in the 4th grade.
>He has never been allowed to participate in clubs, sports, church, or any
>other activities except when he has visited me at my home 2 summers.
>The reason for this is that his parents have never given any sort of 
>to such, especially since they both have held jobs most of his life and 
>are both "too tired" when they get home.
>The question I ask primarily has to do with the effect of scouting in the
>growth of so many of you who have been or wannabe AT thru-hikers or section
>hikers.  It seems to me that I have read repeated accounts of how hikers 
>"the vision" during their hikes as Scouts.  I have also observed on the 
>that some have better woods know-how and that often, inquiry brings a
>response that includes their experiences as Scouts in their youth.
>I am considering closing down my home, where I thought I'd get to be until 
>departure date this January, and moving to Virginia to be his "support
>person" for this school year, hoping that it will help him and hoping that
>his parents will enjoy seeing his progress enough to be able to recognize 
>second-hand pleasure seeing one's offspring be happy can give.
>I've already cleared the "interfering " thing with the parents.  It's not
>that.  I just wonder if those of you who have had Scouting experiences find
>them of that great value in your life today.
>Testimonials, please.
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