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RE: [at-l] Scouting and Growing Spirit in a Young Boy--Need a Whi te Blaze

Some of the best memories I hava from childhood are from Boy Scout campouts.

Jim McBride

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> White Blaze
> This is a day of great confusion for me.  I do not know which path to
> choose, 
> and I feel that I need to direct my energy (still having some left) where
> it 
> can serve best.  
> My grandson is 9 years old and will be in the 4th grade.
> He has never been allowed to participate in clubs, sports, church, or any 
> other activities except when he has visited me at my home 2 summers.
> The reason for this is that his parents have never given any sort of
> priority 
> to such, especially since they both have held jobs most of his life and
> they 
> are both "too tired" when they get home. 
> The question I ask primarily has to do with the effect of scouting in the 
> growth of so many of you who have been or wannabe AT thru-hikers or
> section 
> hikers.  It seems to me that I have read repeated accounts of how hikers
> got 
> "the vision" during their hikes as Scouts.  I have also observed on the
> trail 
> that some have better woods know-how and that often, inquiry brings a 
> response that includes their experiences as Scouts in their youth.
> I am considering closing down my home, where I thought I'd get to be until
> my 
> departure date this January, and moving to Virginia to be his "support 
> person" for this school year, hoping that it will help him and hoping that
> his parents will enjoy seeing his progress enough to be able to recognize
> the 
> second-hand pleasure seeing one's offspring be happy can give.
> I've already cleared the "interfering " thing with the parents.  It's not 
> that.  I just wonder if those of you who have had Scouting experiences
> find 
> them of that great value in your life today.
> Testimonials, please.
> Kinnickinic
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