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No Subject

OK, Just to let some people who must be as unconnected as I, Went up to
Tiorati to make my first attempt on the AT when, as I pull in to the
area I see a sign "Hiking Trails Closed." Needless to say, after a two
drive I had to go to the next town and stay in an overcrowded
campground. Let 
me tell you I almost had to beg to get in. they were booked solid from
that afternoon. So next day packed up and went over to the Water Gap in
and hiked up, and up, and up to Sunfish Pond. All in all we had a great
met a few overnighters and one thru hiker named "Big Mountain Willie,
of Whales" (sp) I thjink that was his name. He was from Florida. OK
Thats all 
for now. Thanks to those who responded to my initial inqueries.
Bill W
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