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[at-l] A Section Hike Plan

Hello, you all,

The deafening silence on the list must mean everyone is hiking.--except
for a couple of us.

My visual disibilities have lessened and my brain function has improved
(in part due to hiking) and I may have an opportunity to return to the
ministry on a part time basis in spite of the fact that next month I
sign up for Soc. Sec. Also, I am planning to re-start a thru-hike in
March.  If I do return to the ministry (I am currently on full,
permanent disability and considered "emeritus"), I want to due some
agressive "section hiking".

If one were to do the AT in three chuncks (2 months each), what should
they be? What months of the year for each? Are there any special
considerations I should take into account? I consider myself to be an
8-12 mile a day person.

Feel free to offer advice, philosophy, etc.

Turtle GA>ME 00
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