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Re: [at-l] Open letter

Now, I'll bring back the marshmallows if you bring back the beer. :-) A
great exchange, if you ask me ! 
Happy New Year to All........ May 1999 be the Best and Safest Year on
the Trail Ever !


Thomas Caggiano wrote:
> OK campfire fans, may I suggest the end of this year's brick-brack.
> The ball is dropping soon so let's please stop mentioning lists
> and personalities for awhile. At least until the end of this year :)
> It's a New Year, let us please have a new fresh enjoyable start.
> Lite up those campfires and join with friends both old and new.
> Everyone  hopefully is thinking of the trail and it's beauty and the
> fondness both
> it and the many fine people we meet while on the trail.
> However, I still want to know who took my marshmellows...
> Warning, who ever took my water bottle, it's my red one so beware, I didn't
> color it!
> To all the best of health this coming year, to those that lost toe nails last
> year, may they grow back and to those that may have lost loved ones,
> remember them fondly and make those New Year's resolutions to make more dozens
> of new friends on the trail this year.
> HAPPY New Year... Cheers :)
> Peace and love ya all,
> Too the hills...
> Tom bear bells Caggiano
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