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[at-l] Open letter

OK campfire fans, may I suggest the end of this year's brick-brack.

The ball is dropping soon so let's please stop mentioning lists
and personalities for awhile. At least until the end of this year :)

It's a New Year, let us please have a new fresh enjoyable start.

Lite up those campfires and join with friends both old and new.

Everyone  hopefully is thinking of the trail and it's beauty and the
fondness both
it and the many fine people we meet while on the trail.

However, I still want to know who took my marshmellows...

Warning, who ever took my water bottle, it's my red one so beware, I didn't
color it!

To all the best of health this coming year, to those that lost toe nails last
year, may they grow back and to those that may have lost loved ones,
remember them fondly and make those New Year's resolutions to make more dozens
of new friends on the trail this year.

HAPPY New Year... Cheers :)

Peace and love ya all,

Too the hills...

Tom bear bells Caggiano

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