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Re: [at-l] Booted off ATML

Just to sober up the situation. I (for one) think the situation is sad. WF has created several valuable and useful resources for thru and other hikers. The way he manages the ATML has resulted in schism and conflict, far removed from his earlier credo for the ATML of friendship and respect. He seems to have lost the focus of his work, to the point that the framework is more important than the structure.

It is WF's right as the provider of the resource to deal with it in any fashion he desires. Several of us disagree with his recent strategies, and have either taken his advice and left, or otherwise become refugees of ATML. I think he's been standing too close to the monitor lately, and needs to take a deep breath and step back a bit, for his own good as well as the community of hikers.

As with any opinion. its worth exactly what you paid for it.

Atlanta, GA

At 05:10 PM 12/30/1998 -0800, KC wrote:
We are dropping like flies!!!! Pretty soon there will no longer be an ATML, WATL or AT99. If people spoke out on how they really feel I believe 98% of the people would be kicked off. Pretty soon WF will be a "king" of a lonely castle. KC
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