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Re: [at-l] Booted off ATML

When?  I didn't get it!  Nor was I informed I was kicked off.
Do you have it?  Send it please    k./\

Lucian Hicks wrote:

 Well, gang, it finally happened.  Exactly nine minutes after I posted the following, my ATML plug was pulled.  So much for tolerance. Lucian Wingfoot wrote:

<<Kahley, thank you for apologizing for your breach
of list etiquette. That should bring this matter to
a close. Now we can focus back on our normal Trail
and hiking discussions.>>

I found this both patronizing and misleading, given the fact that what
Kahley was apologizing for was NOT her original post but rather for not
taking the matter private sooner.  She wasn't apologizing for her original
post, which was innocuous and attacked unnecessarily bitterly.

But this isn't about female hygiene or sources of info anymore.  It's about
tolerance and respect for differing opinions.  For her defense of Kahley, KC
was kicked off all the lists.  This is downright pathological.

I'm curious, though, as to whether we will see apologies from the two people
who DID engage in unseemly personal attacks (on Kahley and KC).  Or does a
double standard exist with respect to "list etiquette"?

I again plea for tolerance and a tolerance that applies to everyone.