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Re: [at-l] Announcing my web page of AT Photos

> Check out my webpage of AT Photos:
> http://member.aol.com/kurtuser/kuwpage.htm  

Thanks Kurt. I enjoyed your photos, particularly the photo of Whitetop. 

As I was coming up the trail just south of Whitetop last May, buzzards
were flying about waiting for me at Buzzard Rock. It was a
perspiringly warm day, the skies a gorgeous deep blue. I climbed up
onto those boulders, sitting high to capture and soak in the stunning
views west and south. I was able to see across magnificant bluegreen
mountains into two other states but yet, still see this tiny, tiny
detail of a farmhouse and barn way down in the valley back toward
Damascus. I stayed, took off my pack and boots and enjoyed that view
for hours, immersing myself in the splendor. I can still imagine that
most relaxing and peaceful time.

Further up the trail past Whitetop I'd stopped and talked to an
interesting woman from the Cleveland area who had thruhiked in '75 but
had broken her arm in a fall somewhere in New Hampshire during her
hike. As with most thruhikers, a glow surrounded her when she began
describing her hike to me. She was vacationing in the Mt. Rogers area,
remembering some of the highlights of her thruhike before having to
return back to the other world when her vacation was over.

I didn't reach Thomas Knob shelter until the next morning, camping out
on the trail that night just shy of the Mt. Rogers summit trail (right
after the trail yeti greeted me). Just a few days ago I was describing
to someone else the sheer magnitude of stars seen from Mt. Rogers that
crystal clear night.

So. . .anyone up for a thruhike? 


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