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Thanks Wingfoot for your definition of a 2000 miler.
I like to put these ideas into a different context:
Suppose I want to be a brain surgeon, (a dentist, a nuclear physicist).
The requirements:
  4 years of college
  4 years of internship,  etc. You get the point.

This year I think I'll attend med school. I think in that year I learned
all I need to know.  Next year something else alot easier strikes my fancy,
but I still want to be a doctor. I just don't want to put in the hard work
to be one. "Those requirements are so stupid.", I justify.   So I get a
little learning in Science, some in Math, some in Psychology.
"That'll do", I say.  I make myself a certificate on my PC to put on the
wall that says I graduated from Johns Hopkins with a doctor's degree in
brain surgery, sign fake signatures and I hang my shingle to practice the
art. "No one will know but me", I justify. "And I'm just as good as the
Does this make me a doctor?  Did I pay the price?  Did I learn all that was
required to earn the title, doctor?  
Ask yourself, do you want this person working on you?

I know this is a silly analogy but there are "Real people" who set real
goals and never quit and deserve the prize.  
Then there are the "Usurpers" who can't and won't but still want the prize.
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