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Re: [at-l] Heavy duty plastic bags

In a message dated 12/28/98 4:53:45 PM EDT, kahley7@ptd.net writes:

<< I  received a catalog that offers "industrial strenght"
 Plastic bags.  They come in a variety of sizes and
 thickness up to 22 microns.  I am familiar with
 mils in regards to plastic but haven't a micrometer
 handy.  Anyone know a conversion between mils
 and microns?  And does anyone know the thickness
 of compactor bags which have been recommended
 in the past?    Thanks                k./\
These bags are not very thick(22 micron equals 0.86614173 mil) . Heffy
CinchSak trash bags are 1.2 mil thick. You could get Contractor Bags at Home
Depot, they are, I think, 3 mil thick. I don't have a box on hand to check.
These are very large bags, they will cover the largest Backpack. I don't
remember what the thickest of compactor bags are, but I think they may be 4 or
5 mil thick. I did a search on "Contractor Bags" and found this site:  
<A HREF="http://www.tristatebag.com/trashbags.html">Tri State Bag Company
(Extra Heavy Duty Trash...</A> 


To convert from micron to mil multiply by: 0.039370079 
Conversion result: 22 micron equals 0.86614173 mil 

To convert from micron to mm multiply by: 0.001 
Conversion result: 22 micron equals 0.022 mm

  <A HREF="http://www.legacysy.com/convert2/convert_old.html">Unit Conversions
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