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[at-l] A Report From The Village of Delaware Water Gap-Fire At Brownies

Me Ed writes.....sad news

Smoke curled up across the Gap this past Sunday as
an early morning fire demolished Brownies, a bar
and restaurant familiar to many hikers along the
AT.  The five families that lived in small
apartments above the bar all escaped without harm,
but lost most of their possessions.  They were
given temporary rooms at the Howard Johnson's
Motel and the Presbyterian Church offered
assistance in getting clothing and tools to return
to employment.  Brownies was seen as the "village
pub" by most of the townspeople, a place to have a
drink after work and a good spot for an office
group to have a brief celebration.  Hikers liked
the youthful party atmosphere and more than one
hiker learned that a boozy headache is far worse
than an honest blister.  The hiker/bar
relationship was always tentative.  Like any
business, they preferred customers who didn't
stink to high heaven, and customers that sometimes
leave the servers a modest gratuity......but in
the end, business is business, even when its
For now that leaves us without a good bar.  Hikers
will have to amble on down to the upscale Howard
Johnson bar to wet their dusty whistle.

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