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Re: [at-l] Thruhiking - Training

INFPeace@aol.com wrote:
> I'm not saying I'll be 100% prepared, physically and mentally, but who is? I
> know I love to "sleep in the woods," and my balance is better when I have a
> pack on my back than when I don't. Of course, I'm spending every weekend I can
> in the woods from now till March 2000 (partly to "train," and partly to keep
> myself from going nuts!).
> I'm kinda excited about knowing there will be actual views beyond the mists on
> those dreary foggy mornings I've been reading about in my AT books and in
> journals ... :)

Nina - 
No one's ever 100% prepared - not even repeat thruhikers, so you'll be
in good company.  Keep on "training" - it's more fun than mall-walking.  

Just don't expect to see the "views beyond the mists" - we have what we
call "the standard 6000" view" (even have a picture of it).  And we've
seen it at most every view point between Big Bald and the Mahoosucs. 
You can get the same effect by draping a white sheet over your head.  

Walk softly (and carefully) in that fog,
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In a message dated 12/13/98 20-32-52, jrowen@ibm.net wrote:

>Must have been on the "other" list - no one says that around me - those
>words have been known to wake the dragon. 

Uh--Mr. Dragon--Sir--as I remember it, the dragon was awakened. And if the
person who said thru hiking was just walking didn't know different
afterward--well, he surely should have. Not to mention having a pretty fair
notion of what breathing fire means! :-) 
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