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Re: [at-l] Thruhiking - Training

In a message dated 12/10/98, 10:09:35 PM, jrowen@ibm.net writes:
<<On the other hand, if you live in
Florida or Kansas, I can't help you.>>

Hey, swampy south Louisiana's got lots of great places to practice a thru-
hike!! Any given weekend down here, you get to practice: being soaked in the
rain for hours on end, being eaten alive by mosquitos, walking in mist and fog
where you can't see ANYTHING (not that there are any gorgeous overlooks to
miss, but still...!), breathing air so humid you wonder if your lungs are are
going to start sloshing with water (haven't read about that one being part of
the thruhiker experience, but I figure it's gotta be good preparation for
SOMETHING!), slipping and sliding in the mud, making acquaintance with
poisonous snakes as well as other larger, furrier creatures, feeling like you
might die of heat stroke if you take another step, and wondering when (if)
you're going to get a good view of the beautiful world around you. :)  OK, so
our highest point in the state is something like 600 feet, but there's always

Although I spent four years living in the beautiful state of Virginia (my home
away from home) most of my (however limited) backpacking experience has been
in this wet, steamy swampland. And I love it, even when I hate it. :)

I'm not saying I'll be 100% prepared, physically and mentally, but who is? I
know I love to "sleep in the woods," and my balance is better when I have a
pack on my back than when I don't. Of course, I'm spending every weekend I can
in the woods from now till March 2000 (partly to "train," and partly to keep
myself from going nuts!).

I'm kinda excited about knowing there will be actual views beyond the mists on
those dreary foggy mornings I've been reading about in my AT books and in
journals ... :)  

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