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[at-l] Good news!

Amazingly enough, as soon as they
discharged me from PT and I stopped
those hours of exercise (which I did
very faithfully!)  my ITBS has improved
dramatically!  I have an appointment to
get ortho inserts tomorrow.  I am
feeling a lot more hopeful that I will
be able to hit the trail again soon!
Hey, Twilight, I just might be able to
get to Springer on New Years yet!  May
not be up to the Approach Trail but,
hopefully, Big Stamp Gap (the short
cut!)  I am psyched right now because
anything is better than where I was
before.  Still some balance problems but
Leki's do wonders.  Maybe I should use
them at the mall!  I hate those crowds.
I yearn for the solitude of a the A.T.
Sonny and I are thinking, since we are
alone at Christmas anyhow, that we might
stay at Goose Creek cabins, just down
the road from Walesi-Yi.  A fireplace in
the cabin and a kitchenette, real
friendly folks with a big lodge.  All
for $35!  Then I can warm up with short
hikes to test the knee before anymore
long distance.  I WILL GET BACK THERE
and do the sections for a while until I
can do the thru.  Patience is not one of
my virtues so it is hard to pace
myself!  Anyone else know that feeling?
I guess I will learn.  Happy Hiking!

Linda V. Bertoncini, R.N.,B.A.
Member of Doulas of North America
Blessed Beginnings: A Doula Service

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