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Re: [at-l] fleece vs down

In a message dated 12/13/98 4:04:50 PM Central Standard Time,
fsjbb@aurora.alaska.edu writes:

<< Synthetic fill jackets may be o.k for moderate temperatures, but nothing
 works as good as down when it's really cold. >>

On my trips on the AT, I have found even fleece jackets too hot for most
hiking.  In temps above 25-30*, I usually just wear a long sleeve, midweight
Thermax zip T and a light shell.  I use a synthetic fill jacket for around
camp or to warm up fast during breaks, and of course as my pillow at night.
My synthetic fill jacket is much warmer than even a 300 weight fleece jacket,
and weighs several ounces less.  It is also windproof (unlike fleece), and
highly water resistant.  And if it does get soaked (a real possibility on the
rainy AT), it will still keep me warm.  Those are the reasons that I prefer
synthetic fills to either fleece or down.
Not that I have anything against down - I carry a down sleeping bag and
wouldn't trade it for any synthetic fill bag on the market.  It just seems to
me that for jackets, which will be worn as an outer layer, exposed to all of
the elements, that synthetic fills make the most sense.
Of course this is just my opinion, and worth exactly as much as you paid for
it. YMMV

Good Hiking,
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