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[at-l] Mountain Roamer summits -- twice

We got a call from Mountain Roamer tonight.  She is in Atlanta, in the
company of several southbounders she hiked with off and on from the
Smokies.  She and her friend Judith summited Springer on Wednesday.
Judith went on home, but Mountain Roamer wasn't ready to leave yet, so
she spent the night alone on Springer (gorgeous sunset), hiked the next
day on the Benton MacKay Trail, then came back to Springer to summit
again with her southbound friends.  She was happy and excited - but
sorry to be leaving the woods, and already thinking of her next

She had another HAA criterion:  If you're having dinner with friends,
and you notice that they left something uneaten, you ask (if you're
polite) or reach over and grab it (if you're not) --to finish it for
them. No such thing as left-overs around hikers.

Her enthusiasm remained strong the entire trail, and it has been a real
joy and a blessing to share her hike vicariously.  

Walk softly,

Jim and Ginny
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