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[at-l] 2nd REI GATC Presentation

Because of the positive response and REI's enthusiasm, we will
add the additional presentation at the Perimeter REI store.
Please add this to your calendars and the Georgia Mountaineer
(thank you, Cynthia).

We will have again this year 2 presentations at the Blue Ridge
Mountain Sports Store at Lenox with the super manager, Ken Hess.  
They supported several GATC projects last year including the Banff
Film Festival, our ridge runner program, National Trails Day and
more.  We have not forgot them and appreciate the partnering.
REI is having some special programs relating to AT Thru-Hiking
and they want us to participate.  It should be good...

What   :  An Evening with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club
discussing the Appalachian Trail and Thru-Hiking 

Where  :  REI (Perimeter Store - Atlanta)

When   :  March 9, 1999 at 6:45-8:00pm

Details:  Same as February 18th presentation at the other REI store

Let me know if you will volunteer or will be attending.
Thank you, Patrick
           404 727-8091

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> Hello Folks!
> Well, if we don't really have a GATC presentation now...
> Isn't that SPECIAL!  haha
> I hope the Holiday Season is treating ALL of you real well. :)
> OK, here's the business (Cynthia - will you kindly put this 
> in the January and February Georgia Mountaineer?):
> What:   An Evening with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club 
> discussing the Appalachian Trail and Thru-Hiking
> Where:  REI (Clairmont & I85)
> When :  February 18, 1999 at 6:45-8:00pm
> I am wanting to talk about the GATC, our purpose and mission,
> how we have the AT divided into districts and sections, our
> Assistant Section Overseer Program, National Trails Day and 
> then turn the meeting over to a panel of GATC folks who have
> thru-hiked the AT.  
> Each one will briefly describe their experience and then field
> questions.  At the conclusion, we'll ask for any group questions.
> Then a group slide show will be shown!  Depending on how many
> GATC Thru-hikers have slides, we'll divide up one 80 slot
> carousel accordingly for the public to see and hear the 
> Thru-hikers' comments as we go through them.
> Should be a good promo for GATC, educational and fun!!!  Speaking
> of fun, after the presentation, everyone who wants to can join us
> at a local grill for drinks, food and fellowship.
> Let me know if you will volunteer or will be attending, thanks, Patrick
> PS.  We can do another presentation at Perimeter REI if there is
> enough volunteer interest... As most of you know, REI has a regular
> education program usually well attended!  I will try to start having
> a GATC presentation with them twice a year.   
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