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Re: [at-l] hiker anon

hudsom@us.ibm.com writes:
> Rule #? :  If you are an old believer in the "3 Second Rule" -  where a
> food item that is dropped on the ground for less than three seconds is
> deemed still edible, and the time is doubled for Snickers bars....
> Skeeter

Oooooh! Ya got me!  I'll admit to you all on the list that I once ate a
steak that I dropped in the sand.....but I was desperate!  It was on a
military ex and we hadn't had the real stuff in a week! <g>  And by real
stuff I mean food that doesn't come in a bag (and this stuff was *NOT*
dehydrated, and had enough preservatives, etc. in it to get it to last
till Y2K!!). :)))

Take care,
Cindi (who has decided to ditch university for the time being and get back 
	into the military.  And yes I'm mental.)

Cindi Prudhomme
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
Email address: cprudhom@chat.carleton.ca
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