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[at-l] List intro.: Ren Man here

Hello all,
I just subscribed to this list last week and want to introduce myself before the Y2K bug ducks under the rim of my tarp,gets through my no-seeum net, and scrambles my electronic life making actual human interaction a necessity. Oooooooooh(shudder).
I'm a long distance hiker who hiked Springer to DWG this year before Time-To-Go-Back-To-Work loomed it's ugly, but un-ignorable face, spiked whip in hand, lashing my healed blisters with the necessities of paying off hike-stifling debts. Woe unto me.
I had a fabulous adventure this summer and wouldn't change a day of it!!!
I hiked with an escaping bank robber, explored inner strengths, learned how much I didn't know but thought I did, made fantastic new friends some of whom I haven't even met yet, carried too much, sang out loud, laughed every day, and fell in love!!
Her name is Buttercup and she hikes with her dog, Boogerhead. We're here together now in Manhattan, Kansas (the lil' apple) while she finishes some schooling then off to hike Maine together in July and August.
Anybody in Florida? I'll be performing with my company, "Theatre in the Ground" in February at the Florida Renaissance Festival near West Palm Beach. Please come by and say hello. Check out their website for more info.:  www.ren-fest.com
Well, I guess a shameless plug makes this message long enough. To any I met this summer, please send a "Hello". To everyone on the list, thanks for the time and all the fun on this list.
In the immortal words of Joe Montana, "Hike, Hike, Hike!"
----Renaissance Man