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[at-l] realities of trail life

I smiled when Jim Owen commented that few stories of the trail document
the sometimes ugly realities. I remember many "fights" I had with the
makers of the maps and authors of the trail descriptions. As I walked
(or trudged), I mentally "wrote" the realistic guide to the trail:
"Forget everything the guide book says about this morning's 'moderate'
climb. You will climb and climb and climb most of the day. Your legs
will scream; so will you. You will want to cry or puke or inflict great
bodily harm on the moron who described this section; apparently this
individual never left Montana. And when you finally get to the top, a
thunderstorm will approach so you will have to fly down the scree on the
opposite site to avoid being fried alive..." Not very zenlike of me, but
it got me through those days.

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