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Re: [at-l] Solar Bear's Wild Wall Street Adventure :)

This reminds me I haven't seen Stripes in forever.  Maybe we should bring it
to the Gathering for old times sake, and figure out how we can do a remake,
with Thru hikers instead of army guys <g> A sure hit  :-)

The Redhead
Ga > Me  00

In a message dated 9/8/98, 5:05:59 PM, datto999@hotmail.com writes:
<<Boom shucka lucka lucka lucka.
Boom shucka lucka lucka lucka.
Razzle Dazzle (throw hiking sticks in the air and catch them). 
You can't dance with a man in a tutu and tights unless you lead with 
your left. YOU'RE RIGHT!

What kind of training are you doing mister?

BrrrrrrrrrrrrrHiker training, Suh. (HIKER TRAINING, SUH !)

You mean to say you purposely put on that tutu and tights?

That's the fact, Jack. (THAT'S THE FACT JACK !)

Captain, these are just the kind of go-getter goofballs and murlywhips I 
want working on my secret Keeper project back behind Saunders Shelter. 
See to it they're all assigned to that project this afternoon.

Yessir. Ooo...how do they do that? (Clink, crash).

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