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RE: [at-l] Bivy sacks, again.

<<Define small.  ;)  It's 10 ounces, and that will get me under 25 pounds
for my winter gear (no food, no water).>>

In the case of a tent vs a bivy small is up to 2 pounds : )  Small to me
means the amount of comfort, enjoyment, convenience and satisfaction I
derive from a product more than makes up the extra weight that I have to
carry.  for example stretching, rolling around while sleeping and all the
other goodies that you can't do with a bivy that you can with a tent is
worth the 2# that I would have to carry for a tent.

A book.  Weighs maybe 6 ozs for a paperback.  But over many nights it gives
me much pleasure and enjoyment and definitely worth the weight.

Fire Marshal

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